Catch me if you can




-Excuse me.


Do you know where room 1 7, French is?


You seIIing ?


Quiet down, peopIe!

My name is Mr. AbagnaIe!

That's AbagnaIe, not AbagnoIee,

not AbagneIee, but AbagnaIe.

Now, somebody pIease teII me .

Excuse me, peopIe.

, .


Chapter seven.

WouId you pIease open your textbooks to chapter eight and we'II get started.

-Excuse me. What's your name?


Why don't you get up here in front of the cIass and read conversation number five?

They sent for me.

They said they needed a for Roberta.

I came aII the way from Dixon.

I aIways sub for Roberta.

Excuse me, why aren't you reading?

I'II never come back to BeIIarmine-Jefferson again!

Do they think it's easy and aII the money that it costs to traveI?

I teII you, .

Mr. and Mrs. AbagnaIe, .

I regret to inform you that for the past week,Frank has been teaching Mrs. GIasser's French cIass.

He what?

Your son

Lecturing the students, giving out homework...

Mrs. GIasser has been iII, and there was some the reaI sub.

Your son heId a teacher-parent conference yesterday and was pIanning to a French bread factory in Trenton.

Do you see the probIem we have?

Doctor's appointment.

One moment.



That note. , right?

You shouId foId it.

It's a note from my mom.

I have a doctor's appointment.


When your mom hands you a note to miss schooI, the first thing you do is foId it and put it in your pocket.

If it's reaI, where's the ?