Listening 02







NOTE: Listen carefully and write the answers on a sheet of paper, and then check to see whether or not they are correct.

Ali: Hello? 

Sam: Hello. Is that Ali?

Ali: Yes. ?

Sam: Hi Ali. , Sam1

Ali: Hey Sam. How are you? When are you

Sam: I'm fine. Really seeing you. I've my flight for morning, arriving at

Ali: Great! That's Wednesday . And what airline are you ?

Sam: . flight number .

Ali: BA1325?

Sam: No, Three oh two five. 30-25

Ali: Ah... Ok. And it gets in at , right?

Sam: No, at 6.50. Ten to seven.

Ali: Right. Sorry, this line's not very good. So flight BA3025 on Wednesday 6th arriving at 6.50 p.m.

Sam: That's right.

Ali: Good. Well, don't worry. I'll be there to meet you at the airport. We're going to have a . I can show you....


واحد تحقیق و توسعه موسسه زبان های خارجه اشراق