Listening 04






NOTE: Listen carefully and write the answers on a sheet of paper, and then check to see whether or not they are correct.

Receptionist: Good morning. . How can I help you?

Sam: Oh, good morning. I'd like to book a taxi to the airport, please. 

Receptionist: Right ... and which airport is that?

Sam: .

Receptionist: That’s fine. And when do you need the taxi for?

Sam: My flight leaves from at on . Next 

Receptionist: Wednesday 6th at 7.20 a.m. So you’ll need the taxi at ...
OK. Can I have your name  please?

Sam: .

Receptionist: And your address?

Sam: Bank, Abingdon. That’s A-B-l-N-G-D-O-N.

Receptionist: Thank you. And the postcode is?

Sam: .

Receptionist: (REPEATED). And can I have a you?

Sam: Yes, of course. My mobile is .

Receptionist: Thank you.(REPEATED) . Now ... you up at 3.30. Is that OK?

Sam: Yes, that’s fine.


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