Listening 05






NOTE: Listen carefully and write the answers on a sheet of paper, and then check to see whether or not they are correct.

Flight attendant: Have you your ?

Passenger: No, sorry. I’m having a few problems.

Flight attendant: Can I help you ?

Passenger: Oh, yes please.

Flight attendant:Well, the first question’s very easy. What’s your family name? 

Passenger: My family name is .

Flight attendant: And your first name?

Passenger:Well, my English name is , but my Chinese name is (CHINESE NAME). Which one should I put here? 

Flight attendant:Which name do you have in your passport?

Passenger: .

Flight attendant:So you should put that one. And your ?

Passenger: I put the day first or the month?

Flight attendant: See where it says D-D, M-M and Y-Y-Y-Y?

Passenger: Yes. What does that mean?

Flight attendant: It means date, month and year.

Passenger: Oh OK. So I put .

Flight attendant: ?

Passenger: Yes, that’s right. And what address is this?

Flight attendant:That would be where you are staying.

Passenger: OK. Let me see ...  Road. . And the postcode.

Flight attendant: Is there anything else you need help with?

Passenger: No, thank you. I understand the other questions. Thank you very much for your help.

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