Listening 10






NOTE: Listen carefully and write the answers on a sheet of paper, and then check to see whether or not they are correct.

Good morning, everyone. Today we’re going to make . So, I hope you’ve all bought your . Ready? Now, let’s cooking.

First, you peel the apples, and cut them into . OK? Don’t forget to take the middle out of the apple.

Now, put the in a pan and cook them with some of the sugar. they should be nice and soft. Right? Now, mix the blackberries and apple together make sure that you have about half and half, put them into the bottom of a .

That’s fine ... Now, the next thing to do is, sugar and butter together with your fingers until it’s , like . then add the sugar.

When it’s ready, put the crumble mixture on the top of the fruit and bake it all in the oven .