NEWS 11: Iranian skater Nemati dies of Covid-19


Iran national skate team member Mohammad Nemati died of Coronavirus on Tuesday.
He has died at the age of 20 in his hometown Mashhad. Nemati won a gold medal in South Korea international competition in 2018.
Nemati also was a member of Iran national team in the 18th edition of the Asian Roller Skating Championship in Mumbai, India.
Some media reports suggest that he has died of suspected poisoning.
Eshragh Institute of Foreign Languages offers its heartfelt condolence to his bereaved family.



skate team member

عضو تیم اسکیت

died of

فوت کردن بخاطر...



South Korea international competition

رقابت بین المللی کره جنوبی

Roller Skating Championship

قهرمانی رولر اسکیت

suspected poisoning

مسمومیت مشکوک

offers heartfelt condolence to

تسلیت قلبی گفتن به 

bereaved family

خانواده داغدیده


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