NEWS 14: Wildfire in forests, protected areas put out after five days

Wildfire which broke out five days ago across several forests and protected areas in four western and southwestern provinces of Khuzestan, Bushehr, Lorestan, Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad, was put out on Monday. The fire also swept through Khaeez protected area, measuring 28,000 hectares, which is one of the main habitats for wild goats in Zagros forests.

Being impassable had made any fire-fighting operation almost impossible and only helicopters could reach the area. Fierce winds, high latitude, high vegetation, and the lack of equipment and manpower had made firefighting operations much more difficult.


Ranging wildfire also hit western Ilam and Kordestan provinces, causing extensive damage to old oak trees and part of the region’s vegetation. Some 300 hectares of forests and rangelands in Gachsaran county turned into ashes, as well as 200 hectares of forests in Kohgilouyeh. The firefighting operation in the protected areas of Khaeez left 6 injured.




حریق ( غیر قابل کنترل)

broke out

شروع شد ( فاجعه )

protected areas

مناطق تحت حفاظت




جنوب غربی

put something out

خاموش کردن

sweep through

هجوم آوردن به سمت


به وسعت

the main habitats

زیستگاههای اصلی

wild goat

بز وحشی

Being impassable

صعب العبور بودن

fire-fighting operation

عملیات آتش نشانی

Fierce winds

باد های شدید

high latitude

وسعت پهناور ( عرض جغرافیایی)


پوشش گیاهی

lack of equipment

نبود تجهیزات


نیروی انسانی



extensive damage

آسیب گسترده

oak trees

درختان بلوط



turned into ashes

تبدیل به خاکستر کرد


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