NEWS 5: Population growth drops to less than 1% for first time

TEHRAN — The country’s population growth rate has decreased to less than one percent for the first time over the past four decades, Seyed Hamed Baraka­ti, deputy health minister for family and school population has said.

The marriage rate in the country has dropped by 40 percent since 10 years ago, which is an alarm that threatens the country’s future in all economic, social and even security dimensions, he lamented.

In [the Iranian calendar year] 1389 (March 2010- March 2011), the num­ber of marriages estimated at 890,000, which decreased to less than 550,000, last year, he stated, IRNA reported on Wednesday.


Population growth rate

نرخ رشد جمعیت

Over the past four decades

در طی چهار دهه اخیر

Deputy health minister

معاون وزیر بهداشت

Marriage rate

نرخ ازدواج

Has dropped by 40 percent

تا چهل درصد کاهش یافت




تهدید کردن

Security dimensions

ابعاد امنیتی


ابراز تاسف کردن


تخمین زدن


اظهار داشتن


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