I think you are not sitting down

Oh !

Well and I'm not .

Yeah, that's true!

I have to ask what's in the box?

It's , It's , It's nothing.

Well, .

Sorry, !

It's picture frames, , paper clips and pens and .

Not a human head then!

No it's not a human head

I'm Claire !


Hi sorry! I'm Elroy

So Elroy sorry you lost your job!

What? No oh! Because of the box?

No I didn't, I didn't lose my job!


For not losing your job!

Okay, right! Thanks. This is my mom stuff. Eh, was she died.

She worked up with the insurance company, up the street!

She worked there for a long time, a really long time!

When I was in high school I'd get up for school in the morning and

but she would leave these little notes on the door. It's kind of nice!

I don't know why I'm telling you any of these to be honest!

She sounds amazing!

Yeah she is she was!

Her and I were really different!


She was so nice to every one?

I mean I honestly half the time! But she could find something nice to say about pretty much anyone!

But you could do that

No I can't!

Seems like you're just waiting for an opportunity. 

Yeah, you might be right about that! It could be!

Hey Elroy, this is my friend Elroy! By the way!

 Can I borrow a post-in?

Yeah! Sure,


Hey, Elroy!

What are you doing?

I wrote nice shirt! What do you think?

Yeah it's great I mean it really is a nice shirt!


It's your turn!

Yeah, Elroy, here you go!

Nice mustache!

You guys are weird!

You know, I don't even know her that well!

Do you have anything else to do today, Elroy?