1- Are you married?

2- When did you get married?

3- Do you have any children?

4- Do you get along well with your wife?

5- Do you often see your in laws?

6- Do you travel a lot with your family?

7- You you take your parents too?

8- Are you a strict father?

9- What do you do if your daughter makes mistakes?

10- Were you pressured by your family to act in a certain way?

11- Are chores assigned to children in your family?

12- What's your relationship with  your siblings like?

13- How old are your brothers and sisters?

14- What's your birth order?

15- Did you ever punish your siblings?

16- Were your parents easy going?

17- Did you ever meet any of your grandperants?

18- Do you get on well with your family?

19- Did you get along with your brothers and sister?

20- Do you get along with your in-laws?

21- Do you have to clean your own room?

22- Did your mother make you clean your own room?

23- Do you like your family?

24- Do you live with any of your grandparents?

25- Do you live your parents?

26- Do you look more like your mother or your father?

27- Do you often argue with your mother or father?

28- Do you often visit your aunts and uncles?

29- Do you usually have influence on family matters?

30- Do your parents let you stay out late?

31- What time do you have to be home?

32- Do you have a curfew at home?

33- How did you get your name?

34- Who are you named after?

35- Do you like your name?

36- How many cousins do you have?

37- How often do you see your cousins?

38- Is spanking a good way to discipline children?

39- Should people follow the job of their parents, or should they have the liberty to choose another?

40- What are some of your fondest memory of childhood?

41- What do you and your family like to do together?

42- What do your father and mother look like?

43- What does your father do?

44- What kind of things do you do with your family?

45- what would you change about your childhood?

46- Who do you quarrel with more, your father or your mother?

47- Do you prefer to live on your own or with your family?

48- What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘family’?

49-How important is your family to you?

50- How important are you to your family?

51- Would you like / Do you have your own family?

52- Do you prefer spending time with your family or friends?

53- Are there any strange people in your family?

54- Are you jealous of any of your family members?

55- Do you get on well with all of your family members?

56- How often do you have big family get-togethers?

57- Do you have the ideal family?

58- Is there a black sheep in your family?

59- Is “blood thicker than water” regarding your family?

60- Do you prefer the idea of extended or nuclear families?

61- There is much talk recently of increased social problems due to family breakdown. Is this true in your country?

62- When do you need your family most?

63- What would the world be like without families?

64- Do you ever get tired of family duties?

65- How far back do you know your family tree?


Expressions to be used about marriage:

Footlose and fancy free

آزاد و رها ( این اصطلاح بجای کلمه مجرد بکار می رود)

I'm not married, you know, still footlose and fancy free.

متاهل نیستم، می دونی، فعلا سر و گوشم امنه!

Tie the knot!

Almost 4 years ago I tied the knot.

تقریبا 4 سال پیش ازدواج کردم!

Head over heels!

We were head over heels in love with each other!

از عشق هم دیگر می سوختیم!

Icing on the cake!

I had my own pleasant life but marriage was icing on the cake!

زندگی خودم را داشتم اما ازدواج اون رو شیرین تر کرد!

Love at first sight!

My fiance was totally love at first sight!

با همون نگاه اول عاشق نامزدم شدم!

Match made in heaven!

My husband and I are match made in heaven and can't bear to be away from each other.

من و همسرم برای هم دیگر می میریم و دوری از هم را نمی توانیم تحمل کنیم.

Mr./ Mrs right!

The moment I saw her, I figured out she was Mrs. right.

به محض اینکه دیدمش، فهمیدم او همونیه که می خوام!

Those three little words!

" I love you"

As I arrive home, she gives me those three little words.

پام رو که خونه می گذارم، بهم می گه " عاشقتم" .

Get engaged

They have just got engaged.

تازه نامزد کرده اند!