A: What kind of presents are popular in your country?

B: It depends on the receivers. For children, toys are the best choice. For youth, souvenirs are recommended.


A: Who gave presents to you? On what occasions?

B: I have received many presents, most of which were from my friends. They gave me gifts on my birthday.


A: What was your last present?

B: It was a hand-made doll, given by my best friend when I moved to another city.


A: What was the one you like best?

B: I loved my book Nepal a lot. It was given to me on my 23rd birthday by my brother.


A: Did you ever get a present you didn’t like?

B: Yes, I have, but I still treasure and take care of them.


A: How do you thank people who give you presents?

B: I gave them presents that they would like.


A: What are the times of the year that people give presents in your country?

B: Some special occasions are birthdays, weddings, graduation, New Year’s day, Valentine’s day, housewarming ceremonies, etc.


A: Who was the last person you gave a present to?

B: My mom, I bought her a coat on a business trip to Bangkok.


A: Is giving presents important in daily life?

B: Yes, it is. It’s one of the best ways to show your love and gratitude to someone.