Small Talk



(Script analysis)


Excuse me! .

Hey kid, kid, kid

and sit down would you!

What's your name mister? my name is Adam.

but .

I'm Adam who are you?

Joseph! Where is your mother?

She is with her boyfriend!

. How old are you?

Mister you're are boring!

Hey, listen kid! I'd like some peace and quiet! Please!

You are mister.

Was she your girlfriend?

No, no she wasn't!

Listen! Um, I have a girlfriend mister!

Where is your girlfriend?

My wife, Elizabeth is gone.

Well, where has she gone to?

She's gone, gone, dead!

Oh, that's sad!

Well, my girlfriend Katie, she is still really young.

Was she a good girlfriend?

Katie is the best I've had!


Why? Have you ever had any other girldfriends?

Yesterday, I bought Katie a flower!


Have you ever bought a girl a flower?


Have you ever looked in someone's eyes and had a whole conversation ?

Laughed with someone?

Have you ever cried…?

I cried last night!

When I said goodbye to Katie. But that was because I

Mister?! Hum! Yes? Aren't you going to get a new girlfriend for all those things?

No, I'm happy just by myself.

I think you are grumpy!

I had lots of girlfriends mister! Over six!

Lizzy was my one and only!

Oh! You talk about your girlfriend a lot!

My wife!

I like getting girlfriends mister! You should try it!

There is not enough time left for me! Plus, I thought I was a boring grumpy old guy!

Nah! You are nice! Well! Once you stop breathing!

See that pretty girl over there!

I'm about to get a new girlfriend in 10 seconds!

There is always time!

mister bye!

Nice day, isn't it? Yeah!


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