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متن زیر را با دقت بخوانید و در پایان به سوالات پاسخ دهید و سپس پاسخ ها را چک کنید.

The value of friendship

Recent research into the world of teenagers they friendship above everything else. Children aged between 12 and 15 were asked what was important to them. Their answers included such as money and but also with people.

01- To teenagers, money is ... 

a: not important.

b: as important as computer gadgets.

c: as important as relationships with people.

d: less important than friendships.

The teenagers said that friends were the most important to them, more even than family, or boyfriends and girlfriends.

We wanted to find out more about the results of this research so we asked our readers what they thought about the value of friendship. Here are some example of what they said about friends.

2- Why are Ben, Rory and Carlos mentioned in the article? 

a: They know why teenagers value friendship.

b: They gave information about themselves.

c: They read magazines. 

d: They are teenage boys.

Ben, 15:
Every time I have a fight with my parents, I need some time . But after that, the first thing I do is my friends. After playing football for a while, or skateboarding, I usually feel much happier again

3- Which of the following best describes Ben? 

a: He often has fights.

b: He likes being alone.

c: He is happier than his friends.

d: He likes some sports.

Rory, 13:
When I moved to a village in , I thought that it would be the end of my friendships. But my old friends and they come and visit in the holidays. There's a lake nearby, so we often go , water-skiing or . And I have made some new friends here too, at school, and since I the rugby club.

4- What do we know about the lake that Rory visits? 

a: It is near the school

b: It is near his home.

c: It is used by a lot of people who do water sports

d: It is in a village.


Last year, I broke my arm on a skiing holiday. , it was my left arm and I am . My school friends all helped and copied their notes for me.

5- Carlos mentions that he is left-handed because ... 

a: it makes skiing harder.

b: it makes it worse that he broke the arm he uses most.

c: it is an interesting fact about himself and he was talking about his left arm.

d: it is very unfortunate when you break your left arm.


It seems that our readers . From what they told us, they spend a lot of time with their friends, just , or sharing and . They seem to need their friends for advice, help, chats, and . Clearly, friends make each other feel better. Looking at what our readers told us, the results of the recent research are not really surprising.

6- The answers to the recent research and the answers from the readers ... 

a: were surprising.

b: were the same.

c: were similar

d: were both about sports.


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Passage 02

How many friend do we have?

It is said that most people have no more than 30 friends at any given time, and 400 over the whole of their lives. However, , most users have about 150 friends. If these numbers are correct, then friendship means different things in different situations.

1- How many friends do the majority of people probably have? 

a: 30 real friends or fewer

b: a minimum of 30 real friends

c: 150 internet friends

d: 400 internet friends over the course of their lives

2- It is difficult... 

a: to believe the numbers about friendship.

b: to keep your friends happy.

c: to trust what you read on social networking sites.

d: to give a definition of 'friendship'.

3- Friendship means ... 

a: different things to different people.

b: dying for your friends if you need to.

c: helping each other until it is no longer necessary.

d: accepting people with different views.

One of the reasons for having more online friends than real friends at a certain point in time is that online friendships much time and energy: it is easy to accept friendships and keep them . Another is that it is difficult to say 'no' when somebody asks us to be their friend online, even if we feel we don't really know them. The fact that they ask us suggests that they do , which is a nice feeling. , they may be 'collectors' of online friends and just want to use us to get a higher number of friends and to be popular.

Online friendships are quite easy, but in the real world about friendships are harder to make. There are no rules about friendship. There are no about how to make friends, how to keep friendships going, and how to finish friendships if we want to move on. People have very different opinions about this: some people would die for their friends and they value them more than family. Others say that friends are , only there to help each other until they are no longer needed. If people with such different views become friends, this can problems.

Because of these different definitions of friendship, it is easy to be unhappy about our friendships. We may want them to be deeper or closer, or we may want to have more friends in our lives. Sometimes we simply do not have the time to develop our friendships, or we fear we have left it too late in life to start. If we move to another country or city, we have to find ways to again.

4- Sometimes people worry because ...

a: they think that they have too many friends.

b: they spend too much time with friends.

c: they think they are too old to make friends.

d: there are no guidelines about friendship.

This shows us how important friendships are for most of us. We should not think that it could be too late to build friendships. We also need to understand that the need to be around other people is one that is many. Therefore, we should not be too frightened about starting to talk to people who in the future may become our friends: that they too would like to get closer to us. Remember what people say: strangers are friends we have not met yet.

5- Most of us...

a: are dissatisfied with our friends.

b: build friendships late in life.

c: are frightened to talk to strangers

d: need to be with others.

6- What does 'Strangers are friends we have not met yet' mean? 

a: We have not met strangers before

b: Strangers are also our friends.

c: We should not talk to strangers

d: Strangers may become our friends.


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Passage 03


Is violence innate?

In 1983, in southern Germany discovered a containing 34 skeletons. They included 9 adult males, 7 adult females and 16 children.

1- What did archaeologists in southern Germany discover? 

  1. Remains of 34 dead animals
  2. Graveyard containing 34 skeletons
  3. Relics of early civilization
  4. 9 adult males, 7 adult females and 16 children

  All of the skeletons showed signs of , including head . None of them showed any signs of wounds, suggesting they were killed running away.

2- Why did scientists suggested that those people were killed whilst running away?

  1. Their skeletons showed signs of fatal trauma
  2. There were 16 children
  3. During that period organised group violence was very frequent
  4. Their skeletons didn't show any signs of defensive wounds

  The "Talheim Death Pit" dates from the Stone Age, around 7,000 years ago. It offers some of the oldest evidence of group between two communities: that is, of war.

  Clearly, humans have been fighting wars for thousands of years, and we may not be the only ones. There is growing that several other species also warfare, including our closest relatives the chimpanzees.

  That suggests we have our for from our ape-like . But not everyone agrees that warfare is .

3- Why do human beings fight, according to the article? 

  A: Because they have been fighting wars for thousands of years

  B: Because chimpanzees, who are humans' closest relatives, engage in warfare

  C: Because humans inherited predilection for warfare from their ape-like ancestors

  D: Because fighting is their inbuilt instinct


Passage 04


August 1985: The worst month for air disasters

There are many in the history of . One in particular . Three ago, 720 travellers and lost their lives in a single month - more than in any other before or since.

1- When did the 720 travellers die? 

  1. Thirteen decades ago.
  2. A few decades ago.
  3. 30 years ago.
  4. There is no information about it.

The deaths occurred in four separate accidents in August 1985. Each had quite different causes. The aircraft involved ranged from a 747 with hundreds on board to a tiny carrying just eight people.

2- Twin engine turboprop could carry:  

  1. Eight people.
  2. Four people.
  3. Two people.
  4. Only a pilot.

There was Japan Air Lines flight 123, the worst single-aircraft accident in history, in which 520 of 524 on board were killed. A further 137 died when Delta flight 191 flew into heavy winds as it approached Dallas-Fort Worth International. A fire on board British Airtours flight 28M at Manchester Airport led to 55 deaths. And all those on board the smallest aircraft, Bar Harbor Airlines flight 1808, lost their lives as it flew into a small airport in Maine, USA.

3-The worst accident in history, according to the paragraph, was:

  1. Flight 123.
  2. Delta flight 191.
  3. British Airtours flight 28M.
  4. Bar Harbor Airlines flight 1808.

Each, , had a , whether in the memories of those or in changes in technology and introduced as a direct result. The worst was on Japan Air Lines Flight 123, a Boeing 747, which was en route from Tokyo to Osaka on 12 August 1985 when the airtight between its cabin and tail . The change in pressure blew off the , or tail fin. It also destroyed the hydraulic systems. The plane lurched up and down.

4- Why did the Japan Air Lines Flight 123 crashed? 

  1. The change in pressure blew off the vertical stabiliser.
  2. Destruction of the hydraulic systems.
  3. The airtight bulkhead between its cabin and tail tore open.
  4. It is unknown.